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Males usually want to get big fast while females want to avoid gaining muscle completely. It is always a good idea to have muscle since the added muscle will help you in multiple aspects of life. Lifting weights are beneficial for your health and can help you in different parts of life. Here are three exercises that will help you gain muscle quickly:


The bench press is great for the front of your upper body.

The chest is going to look great as you progress on the bench press. You are going to have amazing deltoids and triceps along with awesome pectoral muscles. Your abdominal muscles are being worked while you bench press and to some extent your back muscles.

If you are a beginner, start with the bar. Do 5 reps and just do as many sets as possible. Progress each week with a higher weight and see how far you can push yourself. If you do not have access to a gym then you always have your body. Using bodyweight can be effective for gaining muscle especially by doing simple pushups. Do 10 reps of pushups and try to go for as many sets as possible, build your strength.


Deadlifts and pull-ups for the back of your upper body.

How does one gain a massive back? I would say pull-ups. That is one of the best ways to increase the size of the back muscles. If you have access to a gym then you should be able to do deadlifts too. Deadlifts really do test your overall strength, being able to lift a moderate amount will prove how strong you are.

Another good thing to do is rows, grab a couple of dumbbells or use a barbell. Do some rows and you are going to blast your back. You are going to get bigger back muscles, mostly traps, and even biceps. It is a fun exercise and very effective for gaining mass.


Squats for your leg muscles paired with sprints too.

You should be doing squats but not the kind of squat where you have a few hundred pounds near your neck. I feel like the best squat might have to be the body squat, just using your own body to squat. You can even do explosive squats where you jump as you come up from a squat. You can use dumbbells too if you want a more effective squat workout.

Sprints are amazing for leg muscles too. Have you seen the legs on world-class sprinters? Those sprinters have some of the most amazing leg muscular structure. It is truly amazing. We should all incorporate sprints into our workout routines, let us get those leg muscles pumped up.