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Long Island is huge. There are so many places to go and take a nice jog. I’m Greg Grigorian of Long Island Webmaster, a professional webmaster company on Long Island. I believe that every business owner should take the time to enjoy Long Island and have time to work on their physique. We should all be healthy! Here are my personal favorite places to jog on Long Island:


Long Beach is a beautiful place to jog on Long Island.

Did you know there is an Oceanside and Long Beach in California too? Just a little fun fact. Long Beach is one of the most beautiful places that I have been to on Long Island. Seriously, have you been on the boardwalk? The boardwalk is so much fun. Long Beach has a beach, boardwalk, fun stores, places to grab food, etc.

Long Beach is also one of the best places to take a jog, power walk, or run. You can enjoy the view of the beach while you are jogging and there is a pull-up bar too, which is nice. When you have completed jogging, you can take a walk on the beach and dip your feet in the water. Some of my favorite memories are walking along the water on Long Beach.


Oyster Bay is another beauty to jog on Long Island.

A great place to have a workout. You can enjoy the water view too, some say that Billy Joel’s house is across the water. You can even use the playground equipment to do pull-ups and other sorts of exercises. The best gym is sometimes a playground or public setting. Seriously, you can gain massive amounts of muscle doing pull-ups.

Once you have completed jogging, be sure to soak in the views, and take the time to breathe the air. Oyster Bay is one of the most beautiful parts of Long Island. You will thank me later, go during the spring and summer months, you will have an enjoyable time.


Fort Totten Park is a fun place and has great views.

Queens is part of Long Island, so I had to include Fort Totten Park. This is one of the best places to jog in my opinion, it is located in Bayside Queens and use to be an Army base. You can park your car there and check out the stars, you can walk across the rocks and watch the bridge too. It is one of my favorite places to get a good jog, you are going to feel good. You will get a full view of the Throgs Neck Bridge.