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Swimming is great for your body. Do you want to develop a toned body and well-rounded physique? Then start swimming. Swimming is proven to help develop muscle and you will be getting a wonderful stretch with each stroke. That is one of the best parts about swimming, being able to stretch your body and push against the resistance of the water.


Swimming will create a powerful upper-body.

It takes a lot of energy to swim and you have to pull your entire body. Sure you have the technique that can assist you but so will strength. You will get stronger as time passes and more than likely, faster. Have you noticed how many swimmers have a v-shape body? A number of swimmers do, they develop this physique with time in the swimming pool. Start swimming a few times a week and push your heart, you are going to notice a massive physique change after a while.


Swimming is great for your heart and it is cardio.

Do you know how hard your heart has to work to keep you swimming? Very hard. Swimming is a great exercise for keeping your heart healthy and increasing your muscular endurance. Your heart is a muscle and when you swim, you are making the heart workout.

Swimming is a full body workout and one of the safest ways to exercise. There is a minimal risk of injury when you are swimming at a moderate pace, and the feeling is amazing. That is one of the greatest feelings, just relaxing and going at a moderate pace. It is pure meditation when you are able to keep a pace and do it for half an hour or so.


Sometimes it pays off to swim instead of lift heavy.

So many love to lift very heavy weights, it is a competition. Who can lift the most weight? But realistically in the future, most of those people are going to have problems. It is better to be safe than sorry. You might as well lift a moderate or realistic weight, do not push your body too far, feel the stretch instead. That is why swimming is great, you can feel the stretch with each stroke and go against a good amount of resistance. You will be less prone to injury by swimming but you should continue to lift weights from time to time.